Garden Beauty: Forever Stamps Sheet of 20(5 Sheet 100pcs)

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Gardening is one of the nations favorite pastimes, and with these stunning
new Garden Beauty stamps, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates the
American passion for flowers and gardens.

Allen Rokach took the photos that grace the stamps. With these close-up
shots, the flowers are the stars, taking up almost the entire frame of each
photo. Each stamp features one of the following flowers: a pink flowering
dogwood; a rose-pink and white tulip; an Allium or ornamental onion; a
pink and white Asiatic lily; a magenta dahlia; a yellow and pink American
lotus; a pink moth orchid with mottled petals; a pink and white sacred
lotus; an orange and yellow tulip; and a yellow moth orchid with a pink

Gardens can be as small as a collection of pots on a windowsill or as large
as space, money, and time will allow. Orchids, cacti, herbs, and many
other flowering plants can be grown indoors as well as outside. There are
any number of outdoor garden styles, including enchanting cottage
gardens; water gardens, where lotus abound; woodland gardens that
feature flowering trees and shrubs; and even gardens that highlight only
one kind or one color of flower.

Some gardens feature bright, sun-loving annuals (plants that last one
gardening year); others highlight the beauty of perennials (plants that come
back year after year). The two types woven together in a flower bed can
create a colorful garden that produces blooms from early spring to late fall.
Plantings can be formal or whimsical, regimented or exuberant.
Greenhouses, nurseries, catalogs there are any number of ways to find
plants, seeds, bulbs. Gardeners love to trade cuttings from their plantings
as well as share tips and advice. With thousands of garden clubs across
the country, experienced and novice gardeners alike can find a community
of like-minded enthusiasts. Almost uncountable numbers of books,
magazines, websites, and blogs not to mention local classes make
flower gardening an easy and captivating hobby to begin, so you can
create garden beauty of your own.

Art director Ethel Kessler designed the stamp with existing photographs by
Allen Rokach.

Garden Beauty will be issued in booklets of 20 Foreverstamps. These
Forever stamps will always be equal to the current First-Class Mailone-ounce

Made in the USA.

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